The twenty first century - what a time to be a kid!!! The children consumers market offers "our future" every single thing, service, and product possible. From the most obvious products, like kids costumes, to the least expected services, like kids spa, parents are able to surprise their sons and daughters with anything they can think of. Sometimes, it is really over the top, however more often than not it truly helps very many moms and dads to provide their children with the childhood in its true meaning.

In this regard, electronics for kids is probably the most audience-targeted department. Video games aside (duh!!!), music players are probably the most popular among kids themselves devices. Kids ipod is now a must-have for any youngster, and it is on the holiday must-buy list for any parent, grandparent, or relative of such. This present will surely make a great surprise for any occasion and undoubtedly be used for a long time.

Kids ipods, just like the adult mp3 players, come with all the standard accessories, so making your ipod best buy you will also be getting kids ipod headphones and kids ipod speakers. In many stores, there also will be a couple of colorful interchangeable ipod covers provided free with the purchase, but if not it is a good idea to buy two or three or more in different colors. Changing the ipod covers will be as much, if not more so, enjoyable as listening to their faves.